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BedInABox Silk Symphony and Leesa are two popular names in the mattress industry. Their merchandise offer remarkable cost-based value, durability and exceptional support. Check out the major differences between BedInABox Silk Symphony and Leesa.

BedInABox Silk Symphony

By BedInABox


By Leesa Sleep
Details BedInABox Silk Symphony Leesa
Price $1600 $995
Height 14" 10"
Free Trial 120 Days 100 Days
Reviews BedInABox Silk Symphony Leesa
Features BedInABox Silk Symphony Leesa

What is Leesa?

Leesas customer support is committed to exceptional service to ensure customer satisfaction. The team of engineers continually improve the quality of their mattresses based on the customer reviews to meet the user requirements.The three-layered, 10 inches Leesa is designed to help you sleep cool and comfortably. The top Avena Foam layer is quite resilient and has excellent airflow to dissipate the heat. So if you usually sleep hot, Leesa will remove this issue and ensure a disturbance-free slumber. The Memory Foam is sandwiched between Avena Foam and Base layer and helps in relieving pressure from your sore points by contouring the body curves. The Base Support surface provides strong foundational support to the structure making it durable and long-lasting.Leesa is preferred by users who love a balanced foam feel. Whether you are a side sleeper, front sleeper or back sleeper, Leesas medium-firm firmness adjusts well to all sleeping positions. Besides, the durable construction further supports people regardless of their body types. If you sleep with a partner or pet, the Leesa will offer minimal motion transfer and allow freedom of movement.

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