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Casper Wave and Ikea Myrbacka Memory Foam are two popular names in the mattress industry. Their merchandise offer remarkable cost-based value, durability and exceptional support. Check out the major differences between Casper Wave and Ikea Myrbacka Memory Foam.

Casper Wave

By Casper
Casper Wave
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Wave is the latest model introduced by Casper, an online mattress brand. This five-layered comfy foam sleep surface is a mixture of various high-performing materials, giving the sleeper a pleasant nights rest. Caspers relentless efforts to design the best sleep products on the market shows the brand is set to become Nike of the Mattress Industry. Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, Casper headquarters first opened in 2013. Within a few years, the company swiftly took over the industry with their US-made-and-designed mattresses. The company offers white glove delivery on Wave, within the country, which not only brings the bed-in-a-box to your doorstep but set it up and take away the old sleep surface as well. Casper Wave comes with a 100 nights sleep trial, so you can test the mattress at the comfort of your home. The model also has a 10 years warranty. If you wish to return the product at any time during the trial, you can avail 100% full refund within a few days, without any hassle!With Casper Waves unique sleep technology, you can enjoy a luxury nights rest. It may be a slightly expensive mattress on the market, but theres no ounce of doubt that Wave will live up to the users expectations. You may check out what the other consumers feel after snoozing on Casper Wave in our customer reviews section.

Ikea Myrbacka Memory Foam

By Ikea
Ikea Myrbacka Memory Foam
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The IKEA Myrbacka Memory Foam is a comfortable and supportive quality mattress for an uninterrupted, restful nights sleep. The IKEA strives to bring luxury products within everyones reach, and Myrbacka Memory Foam mattress makes this concept a reality. The companys vision is To Create A Better Everyday Life For The Many People.The IKEA, a Swedish company with its headquarters located in the Netherlands, is a multinational group established by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943. Since its inception, the IKEA engineers have worked diligently to make quality lifestyle and elegant products affordable for everyone. Guided by their innate desire to innovate, the IKEA experts are continually employing the latest technology to produce diverse bedding products for their happy customers. You may check out the Myrbacka Memory Foam mattress at the IKEA shop or get a home-delivery for a small surcharge. The mattress comes with a 25-year warranty and 365 days trial period. In case you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can get a hassle-free full refund during the initial 100 trial days.The brand invests in the future by advocating and using renewable energy and sustainable resources for its products. The IKEA bedding solutions bring elegance and comfort to your home within your budget.

Details Casper Wave Ikea Myrbacka Memory Foam
Price $1850 $499
Height 11.5" 9.5"
Free Trial 100 Days 365 Days
Reviews Casper Wave Ikea Myrbacka Memory Foam
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Features Casper Wave Ikea Myrbacka Memory Foam
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What is Casper Wave?

Casper Wave

Casper brand engineers work diligently to improve the quality of their mattresses. Their dedication to perfecting the art of mattress designs and promoting a satisfying sleep experience for all has earned them a great deal of appreciation from experts and customers alike.The Wave mattress comprises five layers of foam. All surfaces work together to create a bed with remarkable cooling ability, enhanced pressure relieving targeted support to remove pain from achy areas, and long-lasting construction. Wave does not have a sink-in feel like memory foam but provides superb contouring of your pressure points. This model excels in terms of motion isolation and thus, is a popular choice among couples or pet owners. Numerous ratings show that this medium-firm comfort level bed is suitable for all types of sleep positions and body types, primarily due to its high-resilience foams that ensure a balanced combination of bounce and sinkage. The brand uses environment-friendly materials to ensure minimum toxic off-gassing. The airflow is incredible, allowing you to rest peacefully on a bed that offers maximized temperature regulation. Although it is a relatively new product on the market, consumers seem to be quite happy with their Wave purchase. All in all, this mattress is a great investment for your sleep, guaranteeing you a healthy and therapeutic slumber experience.

What is Ikea Myrbacka Memory Foam?

Ikea Myrbacka Memory Foam

The IKEA have an abundance of customer care experience, and the IKEA experts utilize customer feedback to add and improve the features of their collection. The IKEA mattresses are known for their luxury-like elegance at an affordable price.The 9.5 Myrbacka Memory Foam mattress has a simple two-layer construction. The Myrbacka memory foam has a firm comfort level, aimed to induce a comfortable and supportive rest. As you sink into the memory foam, it contours your body curves, offering targeted support to your neck, shoulders, hips, and back. The Myrbacka memory foam also offers freedom of movement due to its impeccable motion absorption property. If youre a light sleeper, Myrbacka Memory Foam mattress effectively prevents sleep disturbance due to your partners movement at night.The high resilience polyfoam follows your movements closely, offering firm support for back and joint pains. Whether you sleep on your stomach, sides or back, Myrbacka mattress distributes your weight evenly, preventing the formation of any pressure points. Due to the strong foundation, the Myrbacka Memory Foam mattress has a high degree of durability.The natural lamb wool filling makes the mattress surface soft and maintains even temperature by drawing heat away from the body. The Myrbacka Foam mattress provides an uninterrupted, comfortable, restful sleep for your tired body.

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All in all, Casper Wave mattress is an excellent sleep surface in terms of . Depending on your preferences, both products have the ability to rejuvenate your sleep experience and make your mornings more refreshing than ever!

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