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Keetsa Tea Leaf Classic and SAPIRA are two popular names in the mattress industry. Their merchandise offer remarkable cost-based value, durability and exceptional support. Check out the major differences between Keetsa Tea Leaf Classic and SAPIRA.

Keetsa Tea Leaf Classic

By Keetsa


By Leesa Sleep
Details Keetsa Tea Leaf Classic SAPIRA
Price $1465 $1495
Height 13" 11"
Made in Array Array
Free Trial 90 Days 100 Days
Reviews Keetsa Tea Leaf Classic SAPIRA
Features Keetsa Tea Leaf Classic SAPIRA

What is SAPIRA?

Buyer satisfaction is the driving force behind the research and development by Leesa Sleep. The company strives hard to fulfill quality expectations of their loyal consumers.The 11-inch Sapira Sleep is designed to provide a cool, comfortable, and high-quality snooze. Each specialized mattress layer offers a unique benefit for enhanced comfort, support, and temperature regulation. For instance, the comfort layer of the Sapira Hybrid mattress consists of the Avena foam and the Memory foam. The Avena foam is ventilated to promote airflow for cooling the mattress surface. The Memory foam layer underneath reduces pressure on sensitive body parts and contours the body curves. The pocketed coils are sandwiched between two high-performance polyfoam layers to form the Support core of the mattress. The hybrid construction not only makes the Sapira strong and durable but make the bed supportive for all body types. Lightweight and average size persons engage the top foam layers. The Avena and Memory foam together give you a balanced sensation of comfort, support, and pressure relief. Heavier persons also engage the coil support layers that push them upward, providing them a comfortable, weightless feel. As a result, their muscles and joints get relief from the stress, and they can enjoy a truly relaxing and rejuvenating rest. The Sapira by Leesa is responsive, allowing you to shift sleeping positions without any change in comfort. The pocketed coils and Memory foam do an excellent job at motion isolation. Furthermore, the secure mattress edges prevent the roll-off accidents and allow you to enjoy comfy rest on the entire sleep surface. All these traits make the Sapira an ideal mattress for couples, pet owners, and families with kids. With the medium-firm comfort level, Sapira Hybrid mattress is perfect for back and stomach sleepers. The conforming Avena foam and Memory foam offer a surface soft enough for side sleepers. The top foam layers make Sapira by Leesa, the best mattress for side sleepers. This affordable hybrid is the best-rated mattress for comfort and durability within your budget. The Sapira mattress reviews show hot sleepers enjoying a refreshing slumber. The polyester blend fabric of the Sapira mattress cover keeps the sleep surface cool. Consumers also rate it as the best mattress for stomach sleepers. The huge success of Leesa original mattress is undeniable, of course. But, the design and mattress cost for Sapira is proof of master craftsmanship of Leesa Sleep engineers. You can visit SleePare website to read Leesa, Sapira reviews. Use the comparison tool to compare Sapira with other best-rated products for mattress cost and sleep comfort. Want to check out online mattresses and see how they feel? Visit SleePare showroom to test many online mattress models before ordering them online.

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