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Naturepedic Chorus and Purple are two popular names in the mattress industry. Their merchandise offer remarkable cost-based value, durability and exceptional support. Check out the major differences between Naturepedic Chorus and Purple.

Naturepedic Chorus

By Naturepedic


By Purple
Details Naturepedic Chorus Purple
Price $2000 $1000
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What is Purple?

Purple is well-known for its superb customer support and eye-catching marketing. The company engineers make the most of their consumers critiques and improve their mattress quality. Customer satisfaction forms the essence of the Purple brand.The Purple foam mattress is 9.5 inches in thickness, with a three-layered construction. This mattress is comprised of a particular patented comfort layer called the hyper-elastic polymer grid. The material is quite stretchable, giving the mattress adequate flexibility and bounce, keeping you on top of the surface all night. The Purple foam mattress lowers pressure on your body curves, including the hips and shoulders. The firm surface keeps your spine properly aligned while you rest. For anyone who complains of getting hot while you sleep, a Purple mattress is a viable option as it has excellent airflow letting you slumber without any disturbance. The grid structure, coupled with the stiff base foam, gives the overall construction immense durability. The Purple mattress firmness is medium-firm, excellent for back and side sleeping, two main sleep positions, regardless of the body weight. If you sleep with a partner or own a pet, this mattress may be a great choice due to its low motion transfer property. The entire mattress is allergen-free, making it suitable experience for people with sensitive skin.

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