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PlushBeds 10" Botanical Bliss and Zenhaven are two popular names in the mattress industry. Their merchandise offer remarkable cost-based value, durability and exceptional support. Check out the major differences between PlushBeds 10" Botanical Bliss and Zenhaven.

PlushBeds 10" Botanical Bliss

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PlushBeds 10
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The 10 Botanical Bliss is a natural and organic latex mattress offering all the health benefits of quality sleep. Enjoy a cool, comfortable, and supportive rest with this toxin-free, eco-friendly product. The Plushbeds Botanical Bliss experts use innovation and experience to meet and exceed customers quality expectations. The companys slogan American Made Luxury reflects its pride in its US-based manufacturing and product assembly.Michael Hughes established the Plushbeds in 2010 with headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware. The Plushbeds designers employ latest technological advancements to bring you first-class luxury with fantastic health benefits. The customer service is diligent to Plushbeds complaints and works with the buyer to resolve any issues. The company also offers a free exchange of the top mattress layer for comfort level adjustment. Botanical Bliss mattress comes compressed in a box. Order the mattress online and enjoy the free delivery within the US. The brand offers 25 years warranty and 100-night risk-free trial. The return policy includes free return and full refund after the 30-night mandatory trial. The Plushbeds uses sustainable resources and awards scholarships to ecology-related degree students. The company also participates in various community improvement initiatives. The 10 Botanical Bliss bed fits right into your elegant and luxurious green lifestyle. Plushbeds Botanical Bliss is rightfully ranked among the top 10 latex models available on the market.


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The Zenhaven is an organic latex mattress designed for luxurious and healthy sleep. This reversible mattress uses four layers of latex to offer you two different comfort levels. The Zenhaven experts use innovation so that you can enjoy a comfy, peaceful sleep at a fair price. The Saatva uses all-natural high-quality materials in Zenhavens construction to live up to its slogan, Sleep the Way Nature Intended.The Zenhaven is a high-end mattress brand created by the Saatva company with headquarters in Connecticut. The brand produces all its products in Canada and the US. Ron Rudzin and Ricky Joshi founded the Saatva in 2010 to simplify purchasing mattresses. Zenhaven customer reviews praise the brands friendly and quick service. The Saatva experts analyze Zenhaven bed reviews and use the latest mattress technologies to help you get a fulfilling snooze.The company offers free white glove delivery with complimentary old mattress removal within the US. The Zenhaven warranty is for 20 years and a 120-night risk-free trial. You may contact Zenhaven customer service to exchange your organic mattress within this period. You can also claim a full refund by paying the delivery charges according to Saatvas return policy. Saatva minimizes its carbon footprint by utilizing sustainable resources. The company has partnered with various organizations to donate its mattresses to the needy. If you are looking for a classy yet durable addition to your bedroom, the high-end Zenhaven is the right choice for you. It is a worthy investment for your healthy and productive future.

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What is PlushBeds 10" Botanical Bliss?

PlushBeds 10

The Plushbeds designers employ customer feedback and latest sleep technologies to improve their products quality. The company brings the health benefits of natural mattress materials to your bedroom.The 10 Plushbeds Botanical Bliss features two layers of natural and organic latex, offering you a cool, comfortable, and supportive rest. The pure latex is responsive, and Plushbeds review suggests the presence of an excellent bounce. Moreover, the Dunlop process gives the foam a spongy texture and conforming softness. The sleeping surface is soft and resilient. As your body pushes down, the foam lifts your weight to relieve pressure on your joints. The absence of pressure points improves blood circulation and prevents numbness, aches, and pains. Thus, you enjoy a sound, rejuvenating sleeping experience.The responsive latex in the Plushbeds Botanical Bliss supports different body structures exceptionally well. The softness of the upper layer is excellent for side sleepers and lightweight persons. The dense organic core at the bottom offers deep compressional support to heavier sleepers. Moreover, it helps maintain the perfect postural alignment for stomach and back sleepers. The Botanical latex mattress has adequate edge support and motion transfer. Both are desirable traits if you share your bed with partner, pets or kids. Botanical Bliss mattress review suggests a high life expectancy of your bed due to the presence of dense foams and durable construction. The 10 Botanical Bliss bed is inherently cool and hypoallergenic due to the all-natural construction. The wrinkle-free sleeping surface has wool padding for temperature regulation. You can choose from the four comfort levels to suit your sleep needs. You may further fine-tune the firmness by rotating the Botanical Bliss layers within your mattress. Enjoy the sleep benefits of pure materials and celebrate a healthy life.

What is Zenhaven?


The Saatva experts analyze customer feedback to find Zenhaven mattress complaints and improve their design and services accordingly. This organic mattress has pretty impressive customer satisfaction rating. The brand wants to make the online mattress purchasing process convenient for its users. The Zenhaven mattress is a four-layer 10 construction of pure organic latex foam, which is naturally resistant to molds, dust mites and allergens. Therefore, this mattress is a healthy choice for people with sensitive skin or allergies. At first glance, you might expect to sink right into the mattress, but instead, youre lifted and supported by it; this is because the Zenhavens Talalay latex is soft yet resilient. It hugs the curves of your body due to its unique elasticity. This trait reduces the risk of heart disease by promoting proper blood circulation in the body. The five-zone design of the Zenhaven provides support to all parts of the body, including the lumbar region. This latex bed distributes your weight equally irrespective of your body structure, leaving your body feeling refreshed and pain-free in the morning. The Luxury Plush mattress surface is soft enough for side sleepers. It prevents the development of numbness in the upper and lower extremities. While the Gentle Firm comfort is more suitable for front and back sleepers; the support is adequate to maintain the proper sleeping posture for these sleepers.Motion transfer is an important factor to consider if you expect to share your bed with a partner, children, or a pet. Soft Talalay latex is good at absorbing motion and preventing it from traveling across the mattress surface. Thus, this Saatva latex mattress is one of the best choices for uninterrupted, peaceful slumber. A latex bed is naturally breathable due to its open cell structure giving the mattress excellent cooling properties. This ventilated foam allows the airflow to remove heat from the mattress surface. The pure wool and organic cotton also direct heat and moisture away from your body so that you can enjoy a cool, refreshing sleep. The quality materials ensure durability, giving this organic mattress a strong and long-lasting structure.

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All in all, PlushBeds 10" Botanical Bliss mattress is an excellent sleep surface in terms of . Depending on your preferences, both products have the ability to rejuvenate your sleep experience and make your mornings more refreshing than ever!

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