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Ikea Jomna Mattress

By Ikea

7", pillow top with springs
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Ranked 6 in Mattresses

What is Ikea Jomna Mattress?

The IKEA Jomna is a spring mattress, combining two layers of coil and foam for a supportive sleep. This sleep surface comprises of Bonnell springs, providing adequate pressure-relief and a cool rest. The classic designed Jomna is reasonably priced and elegantly engineered. Jomna is convenient for hostel students and childrens room because of its compact construction. The brand vision is To Create A Better Everyday Life For The Many People.

The IKEA is a Swedish company with all products manufactured in Sweden. Utilizing the comfiest materials, the IKEA engineers aim to deliver the trendiest mattresses to the customers. The IKEA offers a 365 day trial period and a 25 years warranty. If you wish to return the product during the initial 100 days of the trial, the IKEA will easily arrange the process. However, the brand charges a small fee for online and store deliveries as well as returns.

The IKEA takes care to create home furnishing items by employing sustainable and environment-friendly methods. If you are looking for an economical mattress, the Jomna is a viable, cost-effective option.

Overview of Benefits

The experts at IKEA pay close attention to minute details for enhanced mattress comfort. They continuously improve their product quality by considering the consumer feedback and critique.

The IKEA Jomna utilizes the traditional, hourglass-shaped Bonnell spring instead of pocketed coils. This mattress has exceptional edge support because of a wired border, preventing the issues of slipping off while you are asleep. The Bonnell springs in the Jomna mattress enhance motion transfer, restricting freedom of movement. Additionally, the springs also affect weight distribution. If you and your partner have different body weight, a depression might be created in the middle of the mattress surface, leading to an uncomfortable night. Therefore, the Jomna best suits the individuals who live alone.

If you are a back or side sleeper, the medium-firm comfort of the IKEA Jomna will serve your support needs. The spring mattress contours your body curves and keeps your posture aligned, making your mornings pain-free and rejuvenating. The Jomna is an ideal choice if you are seeking a simple, affordable mattress.

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Overview of Features

Technology Details

The 7 Jomna mattress is created using layer, surrounded by foam to keep it intact and enhance the mattress comfort. The hourglass-shaped spring coils provide incredible back support, keeping the spine aligned while you are asleep. Blending with the foams properties, the Jomna contours your body curves and aching joints, allowing them to de-stress. The resilient and bouncy surface further provides a soft feel to the sleeper, adding to the pressure-relieving process.

The IKEA Jomna does not retain body heat, unlike the memory foam mattresses. Therefore, the Jomna is a suitable choice for people who tend to sleep hot. If you roll off the sleep surface during the night, the firm wired edge provides adequate support to prevent you from falling. In addition, the medium-firm comfort level keeps you from feeling stuck in the mattress.

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Ikea Jomna Mattress Specification

Comfort level

Medium firm 7/10

Height7 "
Weight11.5 pounds
Warranty25 years
Trial period365 days
Extra cost99
Country of originHolland
Free deliveryNo
Mattress buildpillow top with springs
Fits adjustable bedYes
Quilted foamYes


Full54" x 75"
Twin39" x 75"

Queen Size


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