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Purple Pillow

By Purple

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What is Purple Pillow?

If you are seeking the most comfortable headrest to ease your neck and shoulder pain, the Purple Pillow might be an excellent choice for you.

Purple Pillow is a high-quality cushion manufactured by Purple. It is designed to provide you with a comfy and well-adjusted surface to rest peacefully. Free from the conventional down, buckwheat or cotton materials, Purple utilizes a unique Hyperelastic Polymer material in their pillow. It is not only stretchy but also quite cool and supportive. The Purple Pillow works wonders to enhance your slumber experience when used with other sleep products offered by the brand.

The Purple Pillow is a low-priced yet luxurious headrest. It is a must-have for anyone looking for an elegant, durable, and innovative pillow. Check out the Purple Pillow reviews to get an idea about consumer satisfaction ratings based on their experiences.

Overview of Benefits

Following are the various advantages of buying a new Purple Pillow, making it one of the unique and best pillows in the US.



  • Material: The Purple Pillow is made of a stretchable and well-adjusting Hyperelastic Polymer. It is a patented material developed by the Purple engineers, offering enhanced comfort.




  • Temperature Regulation: The Purple Pillow promotes remarkable temperature regulation. The Hyperelastic Polymer has a grid-like structure that allows proper airflow for increased breathability. The Purple pillowcase further offers superb heat transfer. Hence, with Purple Pillow, sleeping hot is a thing of the past!




  • Support: Do you often wake up with pain in the neck or head region? It means you need a headrest that cushions your upper body properly and provides adequate pressure relief. Your neck and head are cradled on the Purple Pillow so you can wake up pain-free every morning. No wonder Purple Pillow has become the best pillow for neck pain!




  • Hypoallergenic: The technology utilized in the Purple Pillow construction is quite beneficial for people allergic to down or fluff filling. This cushion is free from materials where dust or mites can accumulate. Thus, if you have sensitive skin, it is always safe to go for the Purple sleeping pillow.




  • No Off-gassing: If you dislike strong odor, particularly off-gassing emitted from memory foam, the Purple Pillow has no such issues. You can enjoy a disturbance-free snooze without any smells!




  • Freedom Of Movement: People who tend to move their head frequently while sleeping, love the easy adjustability of this cushion. The Purple Pillow material allows smooth freedom of movement. So you dont experience any interruptions during your slumber! Whether you are a back sleeper, stomach sleeper or side sleeper, you get proper movement ease in all positions.




  • Hand Washable: The Purple Pillow can be washed by hand or machine. The maintenance is quite hassle-free the Purple pillowcase can be removed easily and washed with lukewarm water. The inner structure is also 100% waterproof!



  • Firmness Level: The sides of the Purple Pillow are somewhat firm, enhancing the edge support. So while snoozing, you dont slip off the lofty headrest. The core center comfort level is comparatively softer to ensure cradling support and a plush, cozy feel.

Overview of Features

Technology Details

The Purple Pillow has a pretty straightforward construction. Here are the design details:


Outer Construction: The Purple Pillow cover is a combination of spandex and nylon. This white colored, soft fabric is quite thin and airy. Experts suggest adding a pillowcase for a more relaxing feel.


Internal Construction: The Purple Pillow is made of a soft, responsive Hyperelastic Polymer material, shaped like a Smart Comfort Grid. It comprises tiny triangle-shaped holes that can mold to the shape of your head to keep it fully supported. The edges are quite firm, keeping your head positioned properly. The Hyperelastic Polymer is breathable and durable. Hence, even after regular use, you will see no change in its support, comfort or performance. The grid allows airflow all night long so you can rest on a chill surface.

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Purple Pillow Specification

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Warranty10 years
Trial period100 days
Country of originUSA
Free deliveryYes
Fits adjustable bedYes
Quilted foamYes

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