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Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Classic Pillow

By Sleep Innovations

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What is Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Classic Pillow?

Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Classic is a comfy, traditional pillow for a relaxing slumber. The cozy pillow adapts to your head, neck, and shoulders for maximum comfort.

The Memory Foam Classic Pillow by Sleep Innovations is a remarkable product for refreshing rest. The contouring and instant pressure-relief induce a peaceful slumber. This pillow works in complete unison with Sleep Innovations mattresses and mattress toppers. Sleep Innovations Classic is outstanding in releasing muscular tension. The cushion holds its shape as it gently cradles your head and neck. The Classic Memory foam pillow is suitable for all sleeper profiles, including the heavyset persons.

In essence, Classic Pillow helps you sleep longer, faster, and deeper. The customer satisfaction ratings offer further insight into the product value. Read Sleep Innovations pillow reviews to understand how this product brings you the most comfortable rest.

Overview of Benefits

Lets discuss some benefits of Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Classic Pillow to give you an idea of its performance:

Pillow Cover: The soft microfiber pillow cover is stretchy and breathable. The polyester fabric promotes air circulation and keeps the pillow surface cool. Enhanced airflow prevents retention of odor and humidity. The white cover looks pristine. Caring for cover is easy as it is removable and machine washable.

Filling: The Sleep Innovations Classic Pillow has a 5 Memory foam with an open-cell structure. The cushion pillow allows proper air circulation and heat ventilation. The premium quality viscoelastic material is responsive to heat and pressure. Thus, it provides instant pressure-relief for a rejuvenating sleep without any neck stiffness and headaches in the morning.

Support: The premium quality Memory foam offers balanced support throughout the sleep surface. The head sinks into the cushion as the pillow molds your neck and shoulders. At the same time, the foam holds its shape and prevents excessive sinkage. Thus, this resilient viscoelastic pillow gently aligns your spine for the most relaxing rest. Proper head and neck position releases stress from the muscles and joints. REM sleep improves and prevents aches, pains, and body soreness. Sleeper of all sizes and build get individualized support and rejuvenating rest with this Sleep Innovations pillow.

Temperature: The open-cell structure and polyester cover, both promote cooling of the pillow. The cover is breathable, allowing free airflow for enhanced heat ventilation and temperature regulation. Heat retention is minimal to ensure a refreshing slumber without excessive sweating.

Firmness level: The foam has a medium firmness with a balanced mix of comfort and support. The foam is flexible and retains its shape to cradle your head, neck, and shoulder.

Sleeping position: This Sleep Innovations side sleepers pillow helps you rest comfortably by preventing pressure points formation. 5-inch height keeps the neck adequately elevated whereas the head sinks just enough to keep the spine aligned. The back sleepers find themselves well supported by this pillow. The tapering edges of the pillow accommodate stomach sleepers well. However, the stomach sleepers with a smaller build may experience neck strain due to the pillows height in the middle.

Overview of Features

Technology Details

Here are the construction details of Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Classic Pillow:

Outer Cover: The outer removable cover is polyester fabric. Unzip the machine washable cover for easy care and maintenance. Periodic cleaning prevents the growth of germs and allergens. The outer case is breathable, allowing airflow for heat ventilation. Proper air circulation regulates pillow temperature and prevents the formation of odor in the Memory foam.

Inner Filling: The Memory foam in this Classic pillow has an open-cell structure. This type of composition allows maximum airflow through the foam. Air circulation aids heat ventilation in this cooling pillow. Unique anti-microbial finish hinders the growth of bacteria, molds, and other allergens. The responsive foam cradles your head, neck, and shoulders in all sleep positions. Sleep Innovations foam is CertiPur-US certified for the absence of formaldehyde, CFCs, phthalates, and other toxins.

Pillow Texture: The Sleep Innovations pillow cover is smooth with a soft feel. The close-knit cover is removable and machine washable for easy care and maintenance. The cushion pillow cover fabric is cool and breathable. You can sleep directly on the silky pillow surface without any rough or uncomfortable sensation.

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Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Classic Pillow Specification

Comfort level

Height5 "
Warranty5 years
Country of originUSA
Free deliveryYes
Fits adjustable bedYes
Quilted foamNo

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